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Tips for Better Connecting with your Kids

With our world these days, you might find it impossible to connect with your kids.

You aren’t alone…parents are always looking for ways to be more involved! There are a lot of ways that parents can connect with their kids, and there is no “correct” way to do it. We sat down with Gaye Christiansen to discuss a few things you can do as parents to help jumpstart those connections with your child. Keep reading to check them out!

It’s Never Too Late

One of the first concepts that Gaye mentioned was meeting them at their level. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s never too late to start mending bonds with your children. To meet them at their level, pay attention to their interests; whether it’s rocks or Pokemon cards, the little details will make such an impact on how well you connect! 

Be Patient

Another tip to keep in mind as a parent is to be patient. We know… it’s easier said than done! But patience is a virtue that can change the world when it comes to building bonds. Rather than wishing for our kids to grow up, take advantage of every opportunity throughout their developmental path. 

Remember to Listen

Lastly, one of the best things you can do for your kids is to listen. Having a gentle reminder helps us reflect on how we react in certain situations. Even though we have so many complex things in our lives, children need unconditional attention and empathy from their parents (especially during the developmental stage). If they think that “Mom’s too stressed to talk”, or “Dad’s too busy with work”, then they won’t open up to you. 

In order to combat this perspective, try taking increments of your day to focus 100% of your energy on your child, ask them how they’re doing, and listen to how they’re feeling. Your child will appreciate this more than you know, and you’ll soon learn that they will reciprocate the kind gesture.

While those are a few tips to keep in mind, we truly believe that the best way to connect with your kids is to simply be present in their lives. Try spending time together, talking about what they’re interested in, and listening without judgment. This approach will show them that you value who they are as a person and not just because of the work they produce for you. 

If there’s one thing we want people to take away from our blog post, it’s that building a relationship takes patience and dedication — but it’ll be worth every minute spent when you see how much more pleasant life becomes alongside those bonds!

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