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The Power of a Family Legacy

As time flies by, you think more about the type of legacy you want to leave for your family. A family legacy is made up of beliefs, values, traditions, and morals that can be passed down. In saying this, it’s up to you as a parent to begin fostering a strong family bond that will lead to a lasting legacy. As you think about what you want the future to look like for your family, below are three concepts that can impact a strong family legacy:

1. Emotional Legacy – Through Values and Belonging

When creating a strong family bond, everyone should feel a sense of security, stability, and belonging. You can create these feelings by establishing strong family values to rely on – we love to talk about values!

In most cases, the different values you want your children to inherit, you practice in your home frequently. But, you should also discuss the values you want to “throw away” and avoid in your family. If the negative values aren’t clear, then they can still influence your kids’ decision-making skills, and create a disconnect in your family. To help you openly discuss and choose your family values, check out our free “Establishing Family Values” Guide HERE!

2. Physical Legacy – Through Traditions and Life-Defining Events

Values help you understand what your family stands for. However, the concepts of traditions and life-defining moments are also great reminders of leaving a family legacy! 

Family traditions are beliefs that continue from one generation to the next. They help children feel a sense of belonging and consistency in their families. Traditions can teach children values about religion, heritage, and culture – these all influence building a family legacy that lasts. 

Life-defining events can teach your children lessons that will resonate with them for a lifetime. Think about your life-defining moments as a child and which ones you want your kids to experience too. To learn more about life-defining events, check out our guide here!

3. Financial Legacy – Through Generational Wealth

Many parents worry about raising entitled children who feel blindsided by navigating financial responsibility. In 90% of cases, the inheritance from generational wealth will be depleted by the third generation. This is from a lack of family communication, unprepared beneficiaries, and the absence of defined family missions.

Make sure to have open conversations with your family regarding generational wealth. Once everyone is on the same page, you can implement strategies that will set your family up with a solid structure for the future. One way to open communication and provide a solid structure is by creating a family constitution document. This document will give you a clear path of your wishes, values, and desires known long before you pass away. (Yes, it is different from your Will!)

How you can start planning:

Now that we’ve covered a few bases for forming a family legacy, below are a few things to think about for creating your own:

  1. 1. Get your family on the same page – This is key! Never build your family legacy alone. Make sure you sit down with your family and align with what you envision your family legacy to be. 
  2. 2. Create open communication practices – Acknowledge the struggles other family members may have before you make changes. To learn how you can create open communication, check out our Secret Communication Cheat Sheet here!
  4. 3. Make shifts in approach gradually and thoughtfully – Crafting a family legacy takes time. Remember that communication, values, and life-defining moments take time – so be patient and make sure everyone contributes in their way!
  5. 4. Take the next step – Take the next steps in crafting your legacy with us. In our Build Family Legacies program, you will learn about establishing values, family symbols, and mission statements, creating life-defining moments and completing your family constitution. Check it out HERE

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