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The Heartbreaking Truth About Technology and Family

Most families know that in 2022, technology will be the centre of our kids and teenagers. Whether it’s Peppa Pig on the Ipad, TikTok dances or “Day in the Life Vlogs” on YouTube, technology is ever present, around every corner, and connected to every outlet. Check out a few of our favorite cartoons below that describes what modern family life is like…and how to fix it!

Credit: Gary Varvel, The Indianapolis Star —
Cartoonist: Liam Francis Walsh —
Credit: Taken from Examined Existance — 
Cartoonist: Psychiatric Times —
Cartoonist: Jerry King —
Cartoonist: Cantú and Castellanos —

Surprising or not, the facial expressions of the people in the cartoons look sad, disconnected and miserable. 

Next time you’re with family during technology time, look at your family’s faces. Does anyone look disconnected and lost within the technology vortex? 

Getting family to disconnect from technology can feel like a complete battle with your kids and only causes stress. 

Now, we aren’t saying technology is a completely bad thing. But with social connection, technology is the culprit for disconnecting your family and losing them to “mentors” on social media. 

So next time you feel like you’re about to go into battle, test the approach doing a family activity. Create quality time with your family that still feels fun. 

A few fun ways to connect with your kids can be:

  • Grab a deck of cards, your favorite drink and head outside. Examples include Go-Fish, Rummy, Crazy Eights 
  • Connect deeper with the Legado Family Conversation Cards found HERE
  • Kids super connected to their gaming system? Join in and learn! Connect on their level with something they’re into. (This includes TikTok dances, we love to see parents doing the current TikTok trends) 

Looking for more ways to connect on a deeper level with your family? Check out the proven family framework. It contains weekly activities that will spark conversations, connect your family deeper and bond families. 

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