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The #1 Document You Need For Your Family


As parents, all we want for our families is for them to be healthy, wealthy (look after themselves financially), and wise (make good decisions). 

Are you feeling like you want to be the primary influence in your kids’ lives? Or want to look forward to raising your kids and grandkids? Maybe you’re looking for ways to pass on your knowledge, values, and wealth for generations to come? Maybe you’re worried about the inevitable these days, and want to create a strong family now that will last. These are all things we think about as parents, and those are the things that we’re going to talk about today. One of the keys to creating a healthy, wealthy, and wise family is by creating a 7 Generation Family Constitution.

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What is the 7 Generation Family Constitution?

We’re all familiar with what a Will is, and why you need to set one up. The purpose behind having a Will is that it describes what you leave behind, the assets that you’ve distributed, and helps set forth your wishes.

The #1 document to creating a healthy, wealthy, and wise family is through a 7 Generation Family Constitution. A 7 Generation Family Constitution is similar to a will, but it is the HOW and WHY behind the decisions you’ve made. The Family Constitution creates structure and connection within your family, so that you can feel peace of mind living fully in the now, with the intention for the future. 

How It’s Designed:

When we create Family Constitutions, you’ll want to think about looking BACK three generations, and looking FORWARD three generations (hence why we call it the “7th Generation” Family Constitution)! This so so we can look back at what worked for our ancestors, and use it as guidance in setting a vision ahead for our own families. 

Think about your kids, your grandkids, your great-grandkids; what’s the world you want to create for them? 

What’s Included in a Family Constitution?

There are 6 main principles when creating a Family Constitution to consider, which is what we call the Family Framework. Check out the PDF of your family framework HERE!

  1. The first pillar is establishing family values. This is to ensure that everyone is clear on what they are, and why they are important. Family Values are the foundation of every family decision you make. To start brainstorming your own family values, check out this Family Values Worksheet HERE!
  1. The second pillar is symbols. Symbols are a visual representation of a culture and a community. With Legado Family, we believe you should create symbols for your family that represent your family. You can learn how to create your own symbols by watching our Logo Masterclass Replay HERE!
  1. The third is traditions. Traditions are something that constantly bond people together. Think of your traditions as bonding your family together in your own unique way for generations to come.
  1. The fourth pillar is the doctrine, which is the guiding principle that you conduct yourself and live as a family. This encompasses mission statements, slogans, goals, and more. 
  1. The next one is creating life-defining events. Life-defining events are intentionally designed events that teach your kids and your descendant’s morals and values that you want to instill. Instead of just telling them what the values are, give them an experience that showcases your values and represents them. You can find 50+ ideas for Life Defining Events in our free handbook HERE
  1. The last component of a Family Constitution is your family structure. This is the nitty, gritty, important work that answers questions regarding a family office, a family bank, and most important, aligning your finances with your family values. 

So, How Can You Implement One?

In businesses, there are frameworks in place to create structure, cadence, and culture in your business. But why don’t we do that with our families? As parents, you are the leaders of your family. It is up to you to set those intentional structures to bond and streamline your family. 

Having a 7th Generation Family Constitution in place will help calm the chaos, and helps you prioritize what really matters – your family.

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Let’s work together to help your family stay healthy, wealthy, and wise – and make it last!

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