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Make Future-Planning With Your Family Easy

When it comes to future-planning for your family, most time we resort to the concept of creating a will. But have you ever thought about creating a Family Constitution that better supports your will? For many, when the word “constitution” is used, their first thought is usually the American Constitution; filled with the specifications of legal doctrines, checks and balances, and guarantees of individual liberty.

But consider this: If the United States of America has a Constitution, why doesn’t your family? 

You don’t need to be a royal family to act like one. My grandma always used to joke, “It’s one thing to be poor, but you don’t have to look poor”! I used to think this saying was about the way you look, but now I understand it’s more than that; it’s how you show up every day. It’s about showing up with grace, positivity, and an abundant outlook on life. At least, that’s what I understand my grandmother would have meant. 

A Family Constitution is who you are, how you show up, “why” and “how” you’re the family you are. Pieces of this document can and will live on past your generation. 

How amazing would it be knowing your great-grandchildren will have a clear document that outlines everything about you and everything you did to enable your great-grandchildren to live the lives they have today. With this document in place, you will see better decisions made based on your advice, descendants leaning into their history, and incalculable benefits for generations to come. 

Let’s get into the good stuff! The 7-Generation Family Constitution isn’t all fluff. It’s the perfect document to go with your all-important Personal Will and other estate-planning documentation. Your financial planners and lawyers will be fist-pumping when they get this golden document. 

The 7-Generation Family Constitution explains “why” and “how” you’ve set up your Will or any trust funds the way you have. It also gives your family an understanding of your values before they even know what financial inheritance or assets you’ve passed on to them (if that’s even how you want to set up your trust). 

Think about all the post-death drama you’ll be saving your family. They’ll know your values, your legacy, and how you want your assets to be dealt with. (Still looking to set your values? Check this out.)

The 7-Generation Family Constitution isn’t only about your future generations. It gives your peace of mind knowing you will be represented and remembered beyond the amount in your bank account. 

If you want to learn more about the 7-Generation Family Constitution and how you can create one, visit to check out our programs. 

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