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A year’s worth of activities to do with the entire family!


Digital Legado Family Journal

Let’s face it — our kids grow up too fast!

The Digital Legado Family Journal is the perfect activity to do with the entire family to bring you closer together.

This journal was designed to collect one year’s worth of family exercises that are rooted from the values of having fun, getting creative, and being together. Each activity is purposed with the intention of creating memorable moments that will leave a lasting imprint on the whole family. 

This digital journal will help you all discover your unique family values, learn each other’s interests, and turn silent dinners into moments where you end up laughing so hard, your face starts to hurt. 

Available for instant PDF download. Just print off and start journaling!

Get yours now by clicking the link below!

*Please note: There are strictly NO refunds on our digital decks and NO reselling*