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Legado Family Presents
The Futurepreneurship Program

Create a Path of Prosperity for the Future Entrepreneur in Your Child

Remember when you were attempting to figure out what the grown-up version of you would look like when you were a little kid? Your delightful spirit had dreams of being someone that you admired. For most, it wasn’t long after that when the dream ended

But, why?

Did the idea of practicality surpass your aspirations? 

Maybe you were confused when it came to the proper steps to meet your career goals. 

Perhaps you didn’t have the support to help give you the confidence you needed to step up to the challenge. 

What if you were unaware that your youthful interests and strengths could contribute to a foundation for starting a business when you got older? 

It happens, but it doesn’t have to.

Inspire Your Child’s Money Making Mindset

When you have kids, you want them to take advantage of more opportunities than you did.

The talents your kids currently have could set a stage for success in the future. Cultivating the entrepreneurial mindset while kids are young is only the beginning.

Building their confidence and supporting their growth are factors in propelling them forward and giving them the boost they need to accomplish their goals.

Futurepreneurship will help your children create a business that will give them control of their financial future. Educating children to embrace the opportunistic mindset, discover the vision for their business, and map out how to reach their goals are essential parts of the roadmap to prosperity.

Futurepreneurship will give you the tools and resources to save you time and money to enjoying quality time with your kids and giving your kids lessons not taught in school. 

What You Will Learn with the Futurepreneurship Experience

This 6-Module, In-Depth Course covers:

What You Get

6 Module Course

Includes 21 videos that encompasses stories, lessons and helpful guidance to help teach your children an entrepreneurial mindset. You can complete the program on your own timeline in a way that works for you.
6 Modules with Videos & Workbooks include:

  • How to conduct family board meetings and cadences 

  • How to utilize and implement the value equation model 

  • Proven business models broken down into kid-friendly ways

  • Family worksheets to increase trust and communication 

  • In-depth worksheets that help plan your own unique business ideas

  • Tips on saving money for kids and money management

Digital Interactive Workbook

An abundance of exercises that you and your child can participate in to help your child build their very own business.

Set Your Child up to Soar to New Heights

Futurepreneurship is a starting point for families to teach their children about the many layers of entrepreneurship. Educating children to embrace the opportunistic mindset, discover the vision for their business, and map out how to reach their goals are essential parts of the roadmap to prosperity. 

Guiding your family seamlessly along the path to prosperity, Futurepreneurship provides ongoing support and collaboration. The learning process is enjoyable and fosters a healthy bonding experience between all family members.

This partnership is what creates the crucial level of support to help children embrace the lessons taught. Not only that, but the collaboration instills a sense of pride for parents because they witness the growth that takes place within their children throughout the entire process.

This experience encourages kids to take the lead, explore creativity, and investigate new ways of thinking.

Futurepreneurship is the start of future planning that is fresh, fun, and fulfilling for the entire family.

Futurepreneurship’s Lasting Benefits

What Others Are Saying

“I think it’s really hard to overstate the value of getting together and having meaningful conversations within a structured environment that can bring everybody together.”


“I think the biggest takeaway for me (and I think for us), was that we were able to have conversations here that were structured and facilitated conversations that we’ve never had before.”

– The Hodge Children


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Rich Christiansen

Rich Christiansen is a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, humanitarian, mentor, and thought leader. In the business world, he has founded and co-founded 51 businesses. They range from technology, SEO, imports/exports, real estate, online sales, innovative products, lead generation, and most recently, worm poop.

He is the co-author of the book Bootstrap Business: A Step-By-Step Business Survival Guide and author of the bestselling book, The Zigzag Principle. His third book, co-authored with his son Tim, is called Even if Your Toes Turn Purple: Raising Teenagers that are Confident, Happy, and Stand Out

Rich and his wife Gaye are the proud parents of five sons and a daughter they sponsor from Nepal. Together, they also share eight beautiful grandchildren. As a family, they enjoy exploring the outdoors together and always have their eyes set on big adventures.

Invest in Your Child’s Future with Futurepreneurship