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Purchase the Family Matters Summit Recordings

Get lifetime access to the 30+ world known speakers and without limited time access. These interviews are not ment to be watched once and forgotten. These speakers have devoted their life to creating loving relationships with their kids and establishing tactics to make parenting as smooth as crunchy peanut butter. 

What's Included?

$45 USD

Here's a sample of what you can expect!

Garrett Gunderson
Renee Warren
Margaret Paul

More Awesome Speakers!

$45 USD

Why Purchase The Recordings?

Each of The Family Matters Summit speakers is a highly-respected professional in their field.

It would cost thousands $$$ to gain individual access to these high-caliber experts for just a few minutes of their time. 


Together, we are a group of individuals who fully understand the struggle of leading a family today.

Building those bonds that will keep you together forever is tough, especially in these difficult times.


Pinpointing the areas where you are struggling and then researching parenting techniques and family leadership philosophies would take weeks, maybe years, of research.


Time is precious, and we understand that this important work simply can not wait.


The power of a strong and healthy family is incredible.


The upper classes have known this for ages. They spend tens of thousands of dollars on Ivy League courses to learn the keys to a successful, fulfilling family life.


They pay even more for courses dedicated to protecting wealth.


It’s time that these principles became available to everyone who desires to learn them.