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Family Inheritance: It’s Not Just About Money

Why Don’t We Talk About Family Inheritance Enough?

When it comes to discussing the topic of inheritance, it’s usually intertwined with the topics of money and death. Both of these topics are uncomfortable conversations for most families. As a result, conversations about family inheritance are usually a door that remains closed. Why is it that the two things that make the world go round are the scariest to talk about?

At Legado Family, we’re on a mission to change the global perspective of the traditional meaning of inheritance for your family. For all families, it’s time to think of inheritance as more than just money and death, and feel confident that you can pass your it down for generations. Continue reading to discover how you can pass on a family inheritance that you’re proud of.

Let’s get into the actual meaning of the intimidating word…

What is Considered “Inheritance”?

When you look up the definition of inheritance, it does include money, but it also includes aspects of personality traits, physical genetics, values, and culture. Why don’t we emphasize the importance of family values and culture more often when we are talking about inheritance? It’s the first key step to creating a strong, lasting family—and passing on a piece of inheritance you feel confident in.

The Influence of Family Values and Culture

Let’s break down the importance of values and culture, and how you can start on this key element to a strong family inheritance. Similar to the values set in a business, family values are what connect the group to a common standard. Business values are usually plastered all over the company website and seen on every conference room wall. Yet, family values aren’t usually at the forefront of someone’s home like they would be in a business setting. Why is that?  

Similarly, family values are an aggregate of attitudes, ideas, and environments, which a person inherits from their ancestors. It’s a MASSIVE part of family inheritance that isn’t usually seen as a set of intentional choices. Your family culture is the unspoken feeling of your family around the dining table, what other families say about you, what you uniquely celebrate as a family, and more. If you intentionally and clearly plan your family culture, it can be continued by your kids seamlessly. 

How Can You Get Started?

Without a doubt, figuring out your family values and culture can seem like a time-consuming task. But the reality is, your family values will connect and unify your family. We suggest coming up with 8-10 core values first that represent the family you are today and aspire to be, and use those values to intentionally craft your own family culture. 

Examples of values are: 

  • Respect 
  • Humility 
  • Compassion 
  • Driven
  • Abundance
  • Trust 
  • Agility 
  • Integrity

The list goes on and on…

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to define your family values, check out this FREE guide to setting your family values. Did we mention its only 5 steps? Something you can do on the drive to school or work—it’s that easy. 

If you need support determining your values, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team; we are ready to help! Email

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