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Create peace of mind knowing how to live fully today, and know your family is ready for the future. 

This program supports families in creating a culture and inheritance planning that will structure your family's future for generations through a 7 Generation Family Constitution. 

Get ready to learn HOW TO...

A 7 Generation Family Constitution is a document that provides guidance and clarity for your family. It holds your family’s values, structure and explains the “why” and “how” for your families culture. A well-developed family constitution will ensure strength and ultimately, a strong family legacy.

Check out the full Legado Family Framework below!



Access to the Build Family Legacies digital program that includes 6 modules with over 20+ videos and exercises

A Legado Family Gift Box that includes physical copies of the Legado Family Workbook, Journal and Conversation Cards

Access to the Legado Family Facebook Group to connect you with other Legado Families

2-day virtual workshop to support your family through the program

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June 17 & 18 | August 3 & 4

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Legado Families In Action


“The values taught in these short and engaging stories were captivating and informative. The perspectives offered were powerful and insightful, [and] will provide the reader with thoughtful guidelines for rearing confident, happy, and successful children.”
Alan Hall
Chairman of the Marketstar Corporation
“I’ve personally watched Rich and his wife build amazing relationships with their kids. The proof is in the product and all of their kids are strong, independent people. Having his advice to utilize with my own kids has been a blessing.”

Andrea Reindl
Founder of Legacy Creative
“Rich has been a real mentor to me in a lot of areas, but the most impactful has been the way he parents his kids. His kids have turned out to be the type of children everyone wants to raise: respectful, hard working, and kind. His advice has had a huge impact on feeling connected as a family and our family culture.”
Desi Ward
Creator of The Mom Conference

Frequently Asked Questions

The Build Family Legacies program was created to work with all ages and types of families. When following the program with such young kids, parents can do lot of the groundwork together that will set your children up for success. 

Though most of the program can be completed with a heavy hand from you as parents, we would suggest working through certain activities with your kids, then continuously referring back to your workbook and Constitution as your children grow and re-doing the activities. As a result, you can update your Family Constitution each year and ensure your kids feel included and take ownership of their part in the family.

You are not alone! Parenting adult children can feel like a complete uphill battle of not knowing when to step in and when to let go because we all know parenting doesn’t come with a handbook. 

The Build Family Legacies program is created to establish family culture while tightening family bonds. 

This program is designed for all ages and family dynamics because one size doesn’t fit all families. Working through it with your adult children can actually be an advantage, as they have already formed their own values and opinions.

Absolutely! We developed this program with the intention that ANY family can do it, no matter what situation you might be in because families are not one size fits all. This program can be used for a multitude of family dynamics, including blended, single-parent, couples without children, expecting parents, or even as individuals. 

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June 17, 4pm – 7pm (Mountain Standard Time)
June 18, 10am – 4pm (Mountain Standard Time)

Workshops are recorded and made available to you if you cannot attend live.
You will have unlimited access to future workshops. 

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The full breakdown of the Legado Family Framework can be found above. It includes foundational values for your family, plus 5 modules that are broken down into digestible chunks through the Build Family Legacies program.