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A Parent’s Guide to Raising Independent Kids

Raising kids to be independent and responsible is one of the most important jobs any parent can undertake. Kids who feel they are independent enough are likely to experience much more success (and you’ll feel great as a parent!). So, how can you ensure your children have an unwavering sense of self?

Here are some general guidelines to start out with. Regardless of the ages of your kids, these tips are great for encouraging them to become independent.

5 Strategies / Activities For Raising Independent Kids:

Discuss your values.

  1. Kids, especially teens, might look to TikTok for fashion advice, but they still need your guidance on moral and ethical issues. Respect their growing maturity and discuss the complex issues that come with getting more privileges like driving and dating. One of the best ways to discuss your values is through our free guide 5 Steps to Setting Your Family Values!

Provide a sense of belonging.

  1. By creating security and support, you help your children to feel safe about taking sensible risks and exploring options. A fun way to feel a sense of belonging is through creating a family logo that everyone is part of. To start your own family logo, check out our Logo Masterclass!

Let your child take charge in the world of entrepreneurship.

  1. Entrepreneurship isn’t just about making money, it’s about learning how to solve problems, develop good financial habits, follow your passions, and contribute to society. One of our favorite tips for helping parents raise independent kids is to set up a business together! Each task they master will give them more confidence for tackling bigger things. Check out how you can get started with our free Start Young, Go Far Masterclass HERE!

Be a good role model for the relationship between freedom and responsibility.

  1. Demonstrate how self-discipline builds a foundation of independence. Set a good example by respecting the rights of others.

Encourage independence.

  1. This will help your kids develop self-esteem, achieve their goals, and grow up non-entitled. Give your child an early start in building the confidence and self-discipline necessary to live independently. One way to encourage independence is by setting your kids up with life-defining events that will teach them important lessons along the way. To learn more about life-defining events with Legado Family, check out our guide!

Plus…expect to be challenged! Most teens still want close relationships with their parents but are also feeling eager about becoming adults. Meanwhile, they’re contending with rapid physical and social changes, as well as some apprehension about these new life experiences. Be prepared for more moodiness and conflicts.

It can feel so overwhelming watching our kids grow up, but the reality is, as parents it’s our job to make sure they DON’T always need us in this world. 

Good luck, parents. Remember, you’ve got this!

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