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5 Strategies to Set Aside Time for Your Family

Feeling overwhelmed lately trying to juggle the entire family dynamic?

There are so many commitments, to-do lists, and priorities that throw a wrench into what we love doing. Yet, when you don’t set aside time for the important things, it’s easy for them to get away from you completely. This is especially true when it comes to spending time with your family. 

We’re providing you with five strategies to help set aside time for your family. Even with a hectic schedule and neverending to-do lists, these tips are easy to put in place!

1. Try and block off times in your calendar for designated family time

We’re a huge fan of time blocking! The simple reason why time blocking works is that it’s designed for focus. By scheduling, you not only guard against distraction but also multiply your focus. 

While it can be great for work, it can also be great for focusing your attention on family when you need to. You’ll find yourself immersed in family time, making the best of it, and learning a lot more about each other! 

2. Create a list of fun things to do that you can refer to

One of the main reasons that we neglect family time is because we often see them so much, so it feels like you’re always with them anyways. But that’s not true!

We need to make sure we’re intentional about spending time with our loved ones. Sometimes you might get thoughts like “I see them every day at home, so I can spend time with them there.”…but it’s more than that. Intentional parenting and planning are what make your family feel loved, appreciated, and seen. 

So instead of calling dinner time your family time, come up with a few fun ideas that you might find yourself doing with your friends more often. Get outside, go on hikes, go out for lunch – the possibilities are endless! For some fun inspiration, download our life-defining events guide HERE with over 50+ ideas for everyone!

3. Brainstorm with your family – get their input on what they would like to do

This ties into the point above – when you do create fun plans, make sure to get the rest of your family’s input! It’s all about setting aside time for your family and doing something that you ALL enjoy.

Part of spending time with your family is doing things that everyone loves, and putting time towards making other people happy. If it’s playing video games with your children, so be it! Get on their level and connect with them in their own perspective (trust us, they’ll appreciate it more than you know!). To open that channel of communication, download our secret communication cheat sheet HERE!

4. Mark your calendars, sign up, buy tickets – make it real

So many of us say we’re going to go out and create these moments for our families – but we get sidetracked with other life responsibilities and priorities. Yet, this is a reminder that the biggest priority is your family. 

So, to make these moments happen, when you have an idea…EXECUTE! Book the tickets, reserve the table, sign up for the program – do whatever you need to do that will give you a non-refundable commitment. You’ll find yourself being more motivated in creating time for your family and making sure everyone is on board.

5. Make the moments matter 

Once you have time blocked, decided on a family-fun activity, secured your spot, you’re all ready to go! This last point is the most important reminder – put an effort to make the time you spend with your family a moment that leaves a positive impact. 

By creating a fun experience for your kids, it will create a special bond that can’t be broken. Give your undivided attention, leave with souvenirs, and make these moments special. Because time sure flies.

If you need inspiration with family activities, check out our Life Defining Events mini-course HERE! Get started on learning how to create moments for your children that matter. 

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