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5 Benefits of Knowing Your Family Values

Time. Money. Relationships. Energy. 

These are a few things that are influenced by family values. Values are what also influence families on their structure, function, beliefs, ideals, and roles. One of the questions that parents ponder about the most is are the values your children have today, the ones you want them to hold as an adult?” 

If you asked yourself this question and felt a bit hesitant answering, then this blog post is for you! 

We know that having family values can be beneficial – but the real question is WHY? Here are five benefits of knowing your family values, and how they can strengthen your family:

1. Family values act as a moral compass

Values are important to instill as they provide you with guidance on your outlook of the world. Our personal values influence how we act, what we believe, and what is important to us. Having family values in place will act as the glue that holds your family together. They provide a sense of hope, fulfillment, and belonging within each member of your tribe.

When it comes to you and your spouse, having a set of values can create feelings of trust, decision making, and fulfillment with each other. By establishing values early, it creates a strong foundation when it comes to instilling values within your children later on.

Implementing and practicing family values also fosters positive teaching experiences for your children. It touches on forming morals, especially in places of crisis or conflict. Bad situations can arise with your children when values aren’t in place and visited, and can cause a huge strain on relationships as your children get older. But, if you DO set values early and act upon them, it can be a benefit in creating a tight family bond that you can all be proud of. 

2. Family values regulate positive behavior and decision making 

Family values are fundamental for influencing attitudes, decision-making, beliefs, and personal morals. 

Much of what we do and how we act today is influenced by our values. Yet, if values are not practiced, we experience value-misalignment and make poor choices. Living by values aids in filtering conflicts and discipline. By asking “does this violate one of our values?” in troubling situations it will make sure your family stays on a positive path. Values teach a sense of what is right and wrong in your family.

3. Family values help align your family

Family values are unique to each family, and that’s what makes them so impactful. Values represent who you are as a family, what you stand for, and what is considered important to YOU. 

Identifying values and displaying them gives parents more power over the fear of opposing influences. It can be tough as a parent when your children’s values aren’t in line with your own. It can cause them to make decisions that can strain your relationship. If you don’t form values for your children will find them elsewhere. It may be based on what they see on TikTok, with friends, or in other social settings. Setting your values early will guide them to make the right choices. 

4. Family values influence non-entitlement and independence

As parents, we all want our children to grow up to be good citizens contributing to society in a positive way. Kids are exposed to attitudes of entitlement now more than ever. Values can promote non-entitlement and play a huge role in how our children act, speak and think.

The benefit of values also provides great relief to parents too! It allows parents to gain confidence in their children, knowing that they have values to keep them on track. Parents can finally feel excited when they go off into the world on their own, rather than worried!

5. Family values can be everlasting

Values can also be passed down for generations. If your family ever extends, you’d want to make sure that whoever you welcome into your family aligns with your values. How incredible would it be to say that you value something that was set by your great-GREAT grandparents?! Or that your great-great-grandchildren are forever influenced, based on what YOU set today? It sounds pretty cool to us, that’s for sure!

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