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Lessons that Will Stick With Your Kids: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of 10 life-defining moments that I believe will stick with your kids – including the good and the bad times, the easy and the hard talks, and creating experiences that your kids will never forget. These are a few scenarios that I’ve gone through as a parent, and my hope is that this will help other parents when it comes to tackling these experiences with their children – and maybe provide a helpful tip or two for when it comes to the “awkward” moments!

If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, check it out HERE!

Now, remember – you aren’t the only one who is feeling overwhelmed in the parenting sphere! So many of us feel the same way, and want to help each other out. At Legado Family, we wanted to bring these families together to discuss all things parenting at our Family Matters Summit. Check out all the amazing content HERE.

Now, let’s talk about a few more teachable moments that we should take advantage of as parents! 

Lesson 6. Teaching a Family Recipe

Getting your kids to help in the kitchen can feel like one of the most impossible challenges – but let me tell you, it’s possible! Getting your kids involved in the kitchen will help them become more invested in what they’re eating, teach independence, and learn how to make decisions.

One way that you can turn this into a life-defining moment is to teach them one family recipe that they love. Not two, four, or ten meals – but just one that can be a “go-to” for when they start cooking on their own, knowing that they learned it from their parents! This was a staple for me as I was growing up – my mom taught each of my siblings and me to cook one meal, and it stuck with me for life.

Cooking together will create closer bonds with your kids and help build this memory; trust me, the time that you invest in cooking with your kid is time well spent.

Lesson 7. Volunteering at a Shelter

When it comes to life-defining events, Legado Family Founder Rich Christiansen shares with us how he takes his kids on trips and visits orphanages to teach his children about kindness, entitlement, and many other life skills. You can learn more about this amazing experience with Rich in our life-defining events mini-course, found HERE!

While I’m sure every parent would love to take their child on a trip abroad, not everyone has the time and money to do so! Therefore, I would suggest taking them to your local shelter, animal shelter, or donation center and getting them to experience these moments of helping others.

While this may not signify a moment of independence for them, this life-defining moment will have a huge impact on their perspective of life and allow you to raise children that give back. It’s such an eye-opening opportunity for your entire family to learn empathy, the importance of giving, and discover how much of a blessing it is to have a family.

Lesson 8. Getting a Debit/Credit Card

As an entrepreneur, learning QuickBooks was one of the best things I’ve ever done. The only thing I regret is not learning it sooner! When I started having kids, I wanted to teach my children business skills early on and help them out as much as I could.

Teenagers can be strange when it comes to teaching them about budgeting. Usually, when you ask them to budget with you, they roll their eyes and say, “I’m busy!” However, getting a debit or credit card is something that provides us with a huge opportunity to sit them down and give a positive lecture on using it responsibly. It’s a major moment for kids because it teaches them a ton about independence. 

As a parent, you can turn this into a life-defining moment by explaining the importance of gaining credit, how to view their statements, how to pay off their credit, and more. It can be so powerful to take leadership on this as a parent because I know that our kids these days won’t make appointments to talk with a Banker themselves!

Rich and Gaye Christiansen are amazing at describing how to teach your kids financial success. Check out what tips they give parents on our Youtube Channel HERE!

Lesson 9. First Partner / Relationship

A recent post I read had quoted Mark Wahlberg, where he said “I used to work out to keep the boys away from my girl, and now, I’m working out WITH the boyfriend.” That quote totally stuck with me, because I think it’s a perfect example of positive parenting, and how to set family values.

Growing up as a girl, I remember always being teased about getting a boyfriend. As a result, I ended up being insecure about talking to boys and never discussing who my crush was with my family. When I had my first boyfriend, I thought my dad was going to drop dead on the floor.

However, being a parent myself now, I wanted to create a positive space for my kids and encourage them to find people in their life that they really care about and want to spend time with. Encouraging these moments also gives you the opportunity as a parent to teach your kids values on being respectful, communicating, empathy, and understanding signs of what can be considered toxic relationships. I think it’s so important to have an open communication channel and establish clear values for these types of scenarios, and I truly believe your kids will open up to you immensely in the future when it comes to relationships.

Lesson 10. Getting Your Child to Talk Directly with Their Coach

This one might not feel like a life-defining moment in your child’s mind, but this action had such an impact on both myself and my children’s independence. When our kids are young, we communicate everything that they’re feeling – because nobody knows our kids better than we do (or so we think!). However, this can lead to helicopter parenting.

There are so many instances where we might find our child isn’t playing enough, getting spoken to in a negative manner, or struggling to gain confidence. There are definitely times when parents need to step in and politely address these manners, but we don’t want to be always talking to coaches on our child’s behalf.

If you find your child is struggling in sports, try to seek ways to address it internally by talking to your child about what they can do to resolve the issue with their coach. Ask open questions, listen, and see if you and your child can learn to deal with the situation together, instead of trying to change it yourself.


Well, parents, there you have it – 10 life-defining events to take advantage of, that I believe will stick with your kids for a lifetime. 

If you’re looking for a few more ideas on life-defining events and how you can get your kids involved, download Legado Family’s FREE Life Defining Events handbook, which provides you with over 50+ ideas of events, and how to implement them! Check it out here! 

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